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How are students engaging in residential spaces to create an amazing university experience?

What are the different models of residences and colleges across Europe? 

How do other student leaders navigate leadership roles in the College?

Join us for the first edition of an exchange of practices with other 50 fellow student leaders in college boards, clubs, associations, or resident assistants!

During the 3-day event, you will explore the traditions, organisational models, and engagement practices of colleges from across Europe from the EucA network.

The goal? Learning from each other’s experiences, networking with fellow student leaders, and discussing key topics in residential life.

We will engage in the following topics:

  • Building community: You'll talk and share all issues related to communication, engagement, and conflict.

  • Wellbeing: You'll learn how to develop healthy habits and coping techniques to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Career: You'll explore how to leverage the skills you developed in college for the job market.



14 APRIL / DAY 1

  • Morning arrivals: check-in HOTEL Scandic St.Jörgen Stora Nygatan 35, 211 37 Malmö, Sweden


  • 15:00 Registrations

  • 15:30 Introduction & Ice breakers

  • 17:00 Welcome by Karin Frydenlund, Head of the International Office at Malmö University

  • 17:15  Keynote The Value of Residence Life - Paula Dalziel 

  • 18:00 European Night - each delegation will have a 5-minute presentation of their culture and College. Gastronomic degustation is encouraged!

15 APRIL / DAY 2

  • 9:00 Welcome 

  • Student-led Concurrent Sessions - Students have 45min to present good practices from their college on building community and wellbeing tracks.

    • 09:30 Sessions 1-3

    • 10:30 Sessions 4-6

    • 11:30 Sessions 7-9

  • 12:30 Lunch

  • 14:00 Workshops

    • 14:00 The Art Of Thriving As Young Leaders - Karolina Mazetyte

    • 15:00 Choose between two workshops:

      1. Relationships & Inclusive Leadership - Mariagrazia Melfi

      2. Knowing Yourself and Others for Better Teamwork - María José Ibánez Ayuso

    • 16:00 Student-led Sessions 10-12

  • 17:00 Keynote Resilience & Failure When Launching Your Career - Dylan Endlich

  • Light Dinner All Together

16 APRIL / DAY 3

  • 09:30 Choose between two workshops

    1. Planned Happenstance & Your Career  - Malin Bang

    2. Intentional Planning - Joscelin Eischens 

  • 10:30 Choose between two workshops:

    1. The STAR Method: How to Use College Skills for the Job Market - Ebonie Rayford​​

    2. How To Include Your College Experience in Your CV or LinkedIn - Mirela Mazalu 

  • 11:30 Closing 

  • 12:00 End



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Roundtable discussions


Small group discussions around key topics between students

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Student-led Concurrent Sessions

45 min presentations led by students to share activities and practices from their college.

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45 min tutorials to receive practical advice from experts



Associate consultant - SUMS Consulting

Paula specialises in student services, student wellbeing, mental health, community building, student experience and residential life. She is an excellent communicator who enjoys working in partnership with staff and institutions to identify opportunities for investing in a shared vision.


A holistic healer, well-being facilitator, and trainer, co-founder of Well-being LAB in Sweden, TEDx speaker, ChangemakerXchange facilitator. Karolina has been facilitating training courses and retreats for the last 10 years in well-being, personal & spiritual development and social entrepreneurship.

Session title:

The Art of Thriving as Young Leaders

Changemaking and leadership journey should not come at the expense of your personal sustainability. I believe that when we are nurturing our inner wellbeing, you can be more impactful in your outer action. The intention of this talk is to open a space for us to explore the meaning of thriving and wellbeing, while taking into consideration the thriving of others and Nature around us.


Currently work as an Area Director for Housing and Residential Life at Bemidji State University in Minnesota. She has a great passion for working with student staff, and first year students!  Joscelin has a Bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance, and a Master’s degree in College Student Personnel Administration.

Session title:

Intentional Programming

What is programming? Great question! Come chat about how to program for your residents to help them, and yourself, have a great on university and college experience!


General Careers Advisor at Malmö University


Session title:

Planned Happenstance & Your Career

The workshop on planned happenstance will reveal a concept that challenges traditional notions of career planning by emphasizing the role of chance events and serendipity in shaping our professional trajectories.

At its core, planned happenstance suggests that we can actively create opportunities for ourselves by developing a mindset that is open to new experiences and by taking action to increase the likelihood of encountering unexpected events. This approach to career planning recognizes that the world of work is constantly changing and that success often depends on our ability to adapt and to seize opportunities as they arise.


Graduated from Franklin University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, International Banking and Finance, with Minors in German and Mathematics. 

Graduated from the University of Bern in 2023 with a Master of Science in Economics. 

Session title:

Failure & Resilience When Launching Your Career 



  • The event will be held in English and in person. No remote participation is possible.

  • Once your registration is confirmed by EucA, you need to book and pay autonomously for your travel to Malmo, Sweden. 

  • EucA will cover two nights in shared rooms in a hostel during the event. Extra nights must be booked and paid for by you, independently of the organisers.

  • Some of the conference meals are offered by the organisers.


HOTEL Scandic St.Jörgen 

Stora Nygatan 35, 211 37 Malmö Sweden 


Malmö University

Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, 211 19 Malmö




  • Fill in the registration form before 3 March 2023. Please be aware that we do a selection on a rolling basis on a first come, first served basis. The sooner you apply, the sooner you’ll get confirmation and can book cheaper flights.

  • Receive confirmation from EucA on 4 March 2023

  • Book your flights

  • Think and decide about sharing a program from your College or Residence before 17 March 2023 (see call below!)

Submit Your Program!

Do you have any cool programs, practices, activities, traditions or any initiative that makes your College or Residence stand out?

We want to know about it, and your peers want to know about it! You never know what ideas can inspire change & better engagement in collegiate life.

This year's topics revolve all around how we build a thriving and engaged community in Colleges or Residences.


Download the Students' Programs below!

  • Are there any requirements or expectations for members?
    All EucA members are highly encouraged to promote the purposes and activities of the association in their university colleges, residences, campus, etc. In order to vote on internal matters, members must attend the Annual Ordinary Meeting of EucA's General Assembly, which is held online.
  • Are there any size requirements for the College/Residence to qualify as a candidate?
    No. There are no requirements regarding size or number of students. However, if you are unsure about your institution's viability as a candidate, we invite you to write an email to
  • How can I learn more about becoming a member?
    You can find more information on the procedure in the "Before Applying" section. Please, contact us at for any additional questions you may have.
  • Is my membership renewable?
    Once the application is confirmed in the yearly General Assembly, the memberships are automatically renewable. Payments are requested once a year.



If you have any questions or need any logistical support, please contact the EucA Staff via e-mail at:

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