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We are excited to announce the candidacy of NEST as new EucA members*.

What’s NEST?

NEST is a modern and future-oriented Hall of Residence integrated with the University of Trento, Italy. It is composed by a Residence Hall and eight additional accommodation options to accommodate both students and university guests. Its main objective to create an environment that promotes academic learning and helps students to achieve excellent academic results, not only throughout their academic career.

The development of a mature personality, inclined towards critical, open-minded, and out-of-the-box thinking, together with a sense of community and social responsibility, are the values promoted by NEST for all its students.

An essential part of NEST offer is constituted by the focus on an international approach: residents students are strongly encouraged in handling interpersonal international exchanges, learning and information through advanced language and culture courses, student trips abroad and International partnerships.

In this framework, becoming an EucA member will certainly give to the NEST residents more and more international experiences with a multitude of other Collegiate students coming from all over Europe! That’s why we are thrilled to meet the NEST students soon!

Are you a College, Hall of Residence of network of Halls? Are you interested in being part of an international network that offers unique opportunities for students and Professionals? Write us and apply to become an EucA member!

*The membership will be confirmed during the next General Assembly.


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