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Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Today’s global managers need to have knowledge and competencies beyond those offered by university curricula. They must be able to analyze situations with clarity, make hard decisions and take responsibility for their actions. They have to find solutions to complex problems, while keeping in mind all the people who are involved in and affected by the process. The AESE SUMMER SCHOOL program is designed to be a first in-depth contact with the business world. For two weeks in a relaxed but professional environment the participants will develop practical managerial skills, grounded in theoretical knowledge, in the areas of:

  • Company policy

  • Comercial and marketing policy

  • Operations, technology and innovation

  • Accounting and finance

  • Human factor in the organization

AESE Summer School program will take place in Lisbon (Portugal), on July 1-12. It is an educational experience based on the Case Method. Created by Harvard Business School, the Case Method is a stimulating process of training and learning in a lively and interactive format, enhancing the discovery and sharing of knowledge, while developing analytical skills.

The program culminates in an immersion week spent in several leading companies. Participants will be tutored by AESE Alumni, former participants of AESE’s programs, who accompany the groups during the weeks of training. Tutors will also coach participants in career management strategies and on business concepts related to the cases discussed in class.


• 900 euros: general applications.

• 750 euros: children and grandchildren of AESE Alumni Members and of AESE Sponsor Companies.

• 750 euros: EUCA Network Members

In addition, EucA offers 5 scholarships of 250€ each to the first 5 students from its members who are selected to attend.

The tuition includes documentation and catering during the hours of the program. Lodging and trips are not included in the cost

More info? here!

Date of the AESE Summer School: 1-12 July

Deadline to apply: 15 June 2019


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