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Fourteen partners, nine countries, three years of working, from Autumn 2009 to 2012: this is ModES (Modernisation of higher education through soft skills accreditation) in a nutshell. Led by Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, financed by the EU programme "Lifelong Learning Erasmus", the ModES project created a White Paper on soft skills, based on the teaching and learning experience of the university collegiate halls of residence.  


As result, a new curriculum was set to enrich the students' profile with new employment-oriented competencies (such as leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, ability to generate new ideas, creativity).

The objective of the MODES project was to integrate a common European programme on soft skills in the academic curricula and in the post-diploma supplement.

The ModES projects aimed to achieve:

  • A University education oriented to the needs and requests of companies.

  • An increased mobility of students and young professionals in Europe thanks to the soft skills form standardized and identified at a European level in the university curriculum.

  • A higher match between graduates' profiles and the labour market requests.

  • Enhanced relations between university and enterprises.

  • Modernisation of the university education.

The curriculum has been based on:

  • Best practices based on educational methodologies concerning soft skills already implemented by some partners.

  • Interviews with companies and stakeholders to identify the most demanded soft skills in the workplace.

The deliverables are:

  • Academic curriculum on soft skills in four languages (Italian, English, Spanish and Polish).

  • Prototype of a serious game on soft skills in four languages (Italian, English, Spanish and Polish) to learn those skills identified before in interviews with companies’ representatives.