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The final event of the EucA program dedicated to young women university students in Belgium took place in Brussels last 27 June .

“Dear graduates, be sure that you have a role to play here wherever you engage in your career. Be sure that every action makes you a role model for many people!”

With these words, Leticia Zuleta De Reales Ansaldo, Deputy Head of Cabinet of European Parliament President Roberta Metsola, introduced her speech at the closing ceremony of the second edition of Women Career Accelerator.

“Support each other, Go further, far from your comfort zone and believe in your quality, in your future!”

Reflecting the spirit of WCA, Mrs. De Reales Ansaldo inspired the participants, and motivated them in continuing in the path towards their future without fears and reach their full potential

Women Career Accelerator is a one-year career development program designed to empower young university students.

On Monday 27 June, we celebrated the two editions of this program.

Maria, one of the students attending WCA last year said: “WCA teaches you to go with the flow of your changing interests, go with the flow to explore new horizons, and accept new opportunities that may arise unplanned along the way”

A new edition is planned for the next academic year.

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