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Updated: Mar 15, 2018

What Message for Today’s Europeans?

What would 450 young people from several EU countries say to Europeans in a revamped version of the original “Message to Europeans” about the future of Europe?

EucA will find it out together with its three project partners: the Italian Council of the European Movement, the Hungarian Bibó István Szakkollégium and the Studentski Dom Ljubljana from Slovenia.

The original message to Europeans

After the WWII, politicians, artists, philosophers, economists, entrepreneurs, scientists and trade unionists from all over the Europe came together in the Hague in 1948 to discuss the future of the continent under the political, economics and cultural aspects. The five pledges of the original document paved the way for the European Parliament, Court of Justice and ultimately our current way of life in Western, Central and Eastern Europe. It was the beginning of the European Integration Process.

#EU 3.0

Given Europe’s present challenges as seen in the rise of populism, economic inequality, voters’ disengagement and migration crisis, just to name a few, it’s high time for an update.

The road to the final message will go through six events: Warsaw (27-29 Nov 2017), Budapest (5-7 Mar 2018), the Hague (May 2018), Ljubljana (12-14 Sept 2018), Rome (7-9 Nov 2018), and Brussels (18-21Feb 2019).

At these events, about 60 participants from 12 EU countries will be engaged in several activities spanning from simulations, mock trials, British Parliamentary debates to PechaKuchas. The activities will allow an engaging reflection on the most urgent issues and rising topics populism, paired with an innovative online presence.


Students Leaders Wanted.

The project will run from September 2017 to July 2019. Until we will develop the project's online presence, we invite you to follow EucA’s social media channels for regular updates and contact details!


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