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It was a great pleasure for EucA and 5 participants from the #WomenCareerAccelerator program to meet the newly elected President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, on 17 March 2022. The meeting happened in the Parlamentarium, the brand-new Visitor Center of the European Parliament.

The President personally invited students for a short discussion on the current situation in Ukraine, and on topics such as the value of education and how digital transformation is essential in our society.

The importance of the dialogue with new generations has been at the center of Roberta Metsola's speeches and actions since she assumed the presidency of the European Parliament last January.

Particularly inspiring her remarks on how to be active citizens in the EU: “No matter where you come from and no matter how big is your country, we all can #makeachange visible, effective, and tangible for the next generations!"

Being an active citizen and standing up for our European values and Europe is essential to build the future of our nations, and this enriching experience has proven it.

Knowing that our representatives in the European Parliament are open to discussion and hearing from young people is what we need to keep the democratic trust alive. It is our responsibility to remind them of our power as citizens and their commitment to listening to our voices!

In their role as participants in the EucA's Programme Women Career Accelerator, the students attended with enthusiasm and interest. They are involved in creating an equal society and the importance of having a role model, like President Metsola, to guide their future as citizens and professionals. Based on that, at the end of the meeting Monika, Liza, Rocio, Isabel, and Ana Leticia personally invited the President to be the Special Guest at the conclusive event of the course next June!

One of the participants shared her thoughts in a “Thank you” post: “I want to share some impressive words of the President that stuck with me: “Do not wait until someone changes something that bothers you, no! Do not be afraid! Speak up and make the changes yourself!”

A reminder for all of us who want to aspire to become #changemakers!

Discover the full gallery of the event here!


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