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The third event of Europeans Go Digital is here!

What is #ArtificialIntelligence (AI)? Is AI a threat or an opportunity? How should the EU approach AI?... Questions like this are becoming an increasingly frequent topic of discussion among large companies and political governments; but also among young people who expect to face an ever-growing, competitive and hyper-technological world.

Join us in Thessaloniki from 7-10 of September and take part in a dynamic Oxford-style debate and Citizens’ Assembly! Divided in teams, you will open the floor to current AI issues and questions that are shaping the EU political agenda, and prepare policy reports addressed to EU and national policymakers.

The race for technological revolution and machine efficiency in all professional sectors nowadays forces us to form our ideas in a critical and valued way so that our voice does not go unnoticed in the debates around Artificial Intelligence.

And that’s where YOU, #EUChangemakers, come in!

#ActiveCitizenship is key in order to bring new ideas together and discover new possibilities for change! Your contribution can make a real difference in the way our society approaches the revolution of Artificial Intelligence from a more social and human standpoint.

Sounds like something you’d like to take part in? Click here to know more about the agenda, content and application process! Prepare your CV and motivational video, send it to us, and wait for our answer!

Follow us on our social media channels to be updated with our news and get inspired for the upcoming events! @euchangemakers @eucapics

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