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Updated: Jul 12, 2021

12 students had the opportunity to meet, in a VIP way, Giuseppe Lenzo, the SVP Marketing and Sales of Telespazio s.p.a!

Yesterday, the second event of a series called “ A day as..” took place online, where a group of students was able to know more about the space economy and its opportunities, the identity of the candidates, background and the professional life of the speaker.

Giuseppe Lenzo pictured precisely the usual day at his office, explaining to the participants the tasks and the opportunities that can arise from his path during his career at Telespazio s.p.a.

After a short presentation, he answered all the doubts of the students present!

Mr Lenzo highlighted the importance of being open to every opportunity as few of us are sure to understand which path we will choose in 10 years time. He was very effective in explaining that we have to drive our agenda and not be driven by that! In fact, a job is an important part of our life but must be balanced with leisure activities and friends!

Students were grateful for his time and experience, and this was a great opportunity to network and understand the better way to become an expert in the space economy in one of the most important players in the world!

So never get discouraged and keep up the good work! You can become a SVP at Telespazio!

Stay updated with our social media and newsletter, more events like these are coming from September!

Have a great summer!


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