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Job Interview: How to Handle it Successfully!

with an HR Manager

Webinar, 6 July, 5:00 pm

Job Interview_ How to Handle It Successf

How can you succeed

in a job interview? 

What are the worst mistakes

and the best tricks?

If you too have been wondering

about this, here’s the webinar for you!


Once your CV has made a positive impression on recruiters, you might think that you are already there, that the job is yours! But.. your CV can open doors, but then it is through the job interview that you have to prove your worth!


Job interviews require preparation and effort and it is very easy to make mistakes that can cost you your dream position. At the same time, however, with very small details, you can gain direct access to the next steps of the hiring process. 


For all those who are moving their first steps in the job market, applying to academic or professional positions and don’t feel confident yet about their interviewing skills, this is the webinar for you!

You will learn directly from Alessandra Russo, HR manager in the ALDE Party which brings together Members of the European Parliament, all the tips and tricks on how to ace your next job interview!


Join us on Zoom on 6 July 2020, for this unique opportunity for your future career!



Alessandra Russo

HR Manager at ALDE Party


Alessandra Russo, originally from Italy, has previously worked with global organisations such as the United Nations, European Commission, AB-InBev and Adecco. Alessandra is in charge of all HR-related matters at the ALDE Party.

Mrs Russo has a proven track record of Recruitment, Talent management, Coaching, Business Partnering and Contract Management. She is highly-motivated and passionate about People development and Employee engagement. 




How to Handle It



17:00 - 17:10


17:10 - 17:40

How to Handle with a Job Interview Successfully

  • Types of Job Interviews

  • How to Prepare

  • Most Common Mistakes

17:40 - 18:00

Questions & Answers

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