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From Life To Paper

How to Showcase Your Achievements in a CV

In collaboration with Franklin University Switzerland

Webinar, 17 June, 5:00 pm

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Where do you start from

to write your CV?


Do all your experiences

NEED to be on your CV? 

Discover this webinar where you will learn how to impact recruiters

with your skills and achievements!


Should your CV be a list full of diplomas, certificates and experiences

that you’ve accomplished until now?


Your CV must showcase only the knowledge and skills you possess that make you a perfect fit for the position you are applying for. 

Therefore, the very first step you must take is creating your very own Master-List. What is it? A Master-list is a document that collects all your learning experiences and serves as a starting point for building your different CVs. How to do it? Join our workshop to find out!


Learn first-hand how to phrase your accomplishments and select the life experiences, skills and knowledge you acquired in different domains, from jobs and courses to volunteering and extracurricular activities. This will allow you to apply successfully to job opportunities and to make lasting impressions on recruiters.

You won’t be only listening: you will learn-by-doing, thanks to a number of exercises and tasks aimed at improving your abilities in CV writing. What are you waiting for to join? 

The workshop is organised in collaboration with Franklin University Switzerland.



Ebonie Rayford

Director of Career Services at Franklin University Switzerland; Lugano, Switzerland


Ms Rayford has a great experience in Student Affairs, Student Development and  Career Counseling earnt through her experience in the USA (Miami University and the University of California) and Europe (Franklin University Switzerland). Since 2010 she acts as Assistant Dean of Student Life and Director of Career Services at Franklin. 

She is very committed with Lugano local community, co-leading initiatives as Meetup and InterNations, aimed to connect ex-pats and entrepreneurs in Canton Ticino area. 

She is a member of NASPA and the National Career Development Association

Cristina Elvira Pérez

Assistant Director of University Housing at Franklin University Switzerland; Lugano, Switzerland

Ms Elvira is a Spanish young professional that has been living in Switzerland for eight years and lived for a year in Wisconsin, where she studied and worked as a Spanish Teaching Assistant.

She studied Journalism and has experience in the press and in the hotel industry. For the last five years, she has worked in Student Affairs at Franklin and is currently studying a Masters in International Management and Climate Action. She is an expert in changing careers that adapt to you and your current circumstances.
She is committed to make this world a better place, she is a member of NASPA and EucA and a volunteer of Radio Hope.






17:00 - 17:10


17:10 - 17:20

Creating Your Own Master-List: Why and How, Do’s and Don'ts

17:20 - 17:35

Kahoot! Quiz: Spot Good Descriptions for Your Life Experiences

17:35 - 18:15

Work in Teams: From Task-lists to Impactful Bullet Lists

18:15 - 18:30

Questions & Answers

With this second webinar EucA kicks-off the EucA Career Counseling Project! Many Initiatives, opportunities and personalised sessions tailored to help you in the challenging world of employability

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