Cover Letter Review 

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Prepare a stellar Cover Letter with EucA!

Do you know how to highlight your skills

for your dream position?


Do you know how to emphasize your interest in a company?


EucA is here to help you tailor your Cover Letter

to a specific position!



EucA’s Cover Letter Review is  a 30-minutes 1-on-1 session with one of our career coaching experts in Brussels, Belgium.

During the session, you will receive personalized feedback on multiple aspects of your English Cover Letter:

  • How to tailor it to the company and position for which you are applying

  • Which key points you should highlight from your CV in the cover letter to show you are a good candidate for the position

  • Style, formatting and layout

  • How to emphasize your added value for the position and company

  • Resources and strategies to improve it



Open to all young people… FREE for EucA students and alumni!

Free for: students or alumni from EucA Colleges or Halls of Residence

25€ fee for: all other students


The fee is for one session. Send us your Cover Letter specifying that you are neither a EucA student nor alumni. Then, select which payment method is more of your convenience:

- Bank Transfer: When sending us your Cover Letter, please state that you would like to proceed with the payment through bank transfer and we will send you the required information. 

- Credit Card Payment*: Once we confirm we have received your payment, we will send you the next steps to book your Cover Letter Review.


*This method has no transactional fees. Useful for individuals outside of the SEPA.



In order for each student to have a worthwhile experience, it is important that you try to do your best in preparing your Cover Letter and curating all its details. 


Here is a step-by-step explanation of the Cover Letter Review process with EucA:


0. Prepare as best as you can your Cover Letter: in 1 page, in English and saving it in pdf format (max. size 1MB)

1. Fill in this form 

2. Provide in the form a link where we can access your Cover Letter (double-check sharing options)

3. If possible, send us the vacancy you want to apply for 

4. Choose the date and time at this link:

5. After the session, you can send us again your Cover Letter with the improvements discussed together.

We will do a second review via email. Like this, we are sure to close the feedback loop and you have a competitive tool in your job search..


Please don’t book your session without sending us your Cover Letter. 

In order to give you personalised advice, we need to review your Cover Letter before our session.

NB: Apply as soon as you can to reserve your spot, you can always postpone the appointment if need be!

Any question?

“Perseverance is the secret of all triumphs”

 Victor Hugo