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Share your potential, make an impact in society! If you like the idea of working in a team with your friends while helping others, and your mission is to contribute to the community with your creativity and knowledge, this is probably the life-changing experience you were looking for!

Your ambition starts now and is called IDOMENI Social Business Challenge! 

By taking part in the challenge, 30 University students will experience social entrepreneurship and its dynamics in a stimulating international environment. You and your teammates will be leaders of change and thanks to your commitment you will boost the growth of an NGO trying to offer fair employment to refugees! Don’t hesitate, ask your friends to participate in this incredible adventure and apply! 



The project revolves around NAOMI, an NGO based in Thessaloniki, Greece, whose mission is to upcycle used UNHCR blankets from the Refugee Camp Idomeni, in Greece, creating thus sustainable clothes and fair jobs. NAOMI needs urgently a concrete help in developing its brand with a sound business plan to broaden its market. 

With the goal of helping NAOMI, EucA, with its expertise with students and abilities in project coordination, is organising a competition for the best ideas using the format of a Social Business Challenge: 30 University students divided into teams will have to prepare a business plan and a website for Naomi.

During the two in-person events, the participants will get training on business planning and social entrepreneurship and will experience soft skills such as teamwork, strategic and critical thinking, project management, creativity, public speaking and problem-solving.



The challenge will be divided into 3 steps lasting 3 months in total.

First step: during the first event, in Bonn, Germany, on 26-29 February 2020, the selected teams of students will be trained by experts on the most relevant topics and will be informed about the issues of refugees, learning more about NAOMI’s activities and necessities;

Second step: once the teams return to their countries, during a two months period, they will work on their assignments independently. 

Third step: A final event is set on 27-29 April 2020 in Thessaloniki, Greece: each team will present its business ideas that will be evaluated by a jury. A panel composed by Social Business specialists and professionals will judge the entries and will pick a winner. The winning business plan and website will be used by NAOMI. 

Participants are required to follow all three steps. Therefore, attending both the two events, in Bonn and in Thessaloniki, is mandatory.


EucA will cover the costs of the trainings, accommodation and some meals for the participants during the two events in Bonn and Thessaloniki. 

Students will pay for their travels and for meals not covered by EucA. A certificate of achievement will be delivered to all the participants.

Ask your friends or College mates to join the challenge and create a team

The teams must: 

  •  be composed by minimum 3 and maximum 5 people.

  • have at least 1 team member with a good knowledge of business and 1 team member with a              minimum expertise in web-design and digital skills. 

  • gather all the informations required in the application as CV and contact details of each member.

  • choose a team name!

  • Grab and upload a 60 seconds video with a presentation of the team in English

Submit your online team applications here! 

You can’t find at least 2 other people to form your team? We offer you the possibility of matching with other students, who are in your same situation and need partners to apply.  

You will have to send us your CV and a 1 minute presentation video in which you introduce yourself telling why you are a valuable team member for this specific challenge. Once we receive it we will then give you access to a list of all the individual applicants from which you can compose your team. Once your team is composed, you will have to make a Team application.

Submit your individual application here!

In order to facilitate your application your can now DOWNLOAD the preview of the forms by clicking here below!




For any further information contact via e-mail Alessandra Arcodia @  a.arcodia at




Collegio Nuovo, Pavia (Italy) 



Residencia Nuestra Señora del Rosario, Madrid (Spain) 



Collegio Universitario Don Nicola Mazza, Padua (Italy) 



Mikó Imre Szakkollegium, Cluj Napoca (Romania) 



Collegio Universitario Internazionale Collalto, Rome (Italy) 



Corvinus IT Students’ delegation, Budapest (Hungary) 



Collegio Monterrone, Naples (Italy)