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Join EucA as
a member!

EucA is a European and global community of students and student affairs professionals.

Since 2008, we bring together halls of residence, university colleges, and universities strengthening collegiate life in Europe.

Connect your students to a world of international opportunities and invest in your career development by becoming an EucA Member!

5 REASONS to become members

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opportunities for students &

SAS professionals


Global networking & visibility for your institution


Free or discounted fees for training & international events



Participation in EU-funded projects



Free career coaching services & personalized guidance for students


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Why colleges TRUST EucA

As leaders in student affairs and services in Europe, EucA embarks daily on a journey toward excellence, innovation, and collaboration, shaping the future of higher education.


We expand our community, welcoming diverse perspectives, talents, and aspirations in the field of internationalization, providing a wide range of opportunities to professionals and students across Europe.

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"I appreciate the networking opportunities and connections that you forge. It's phenomal! And you get to bring all of it back to your university!"
J.E., Area Director at Bemidji State University

Discover the next

EucA events

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

28 Jul - 3 Aug 2024

Berlin, Germany

Sustainability Summer School

1 - 6 Sept 2024

Azores, Portugal

International Career Pathways

Sept 2024 - May 2025



20 - 22 Oct 2024

Madrid, Spain


Financial Study Visit

23 - 25 Oct 2024

Frankfurt, Germany

International Study Visit

27 - 29 Nov 2024

Geneva, Switzerland

European Conference for Student Affairs and Services 2024

20 - 22 Nov 2024


Employability Study Visit

4 - 6 Dec 2024

Dublin, Ireland


WHO can join


Every university committed to improving and exchanging good practices in residential life, to participating in international and intercultural exchanges, and to building community engagement.


Entities that want to promote the quality of residential life for university students (such as student unions, youth associations, etc).


Halls of residence belonging to European colleges and/or universities.


Entities that manage university colleges.


University colleges.

Is this your institution?

If so, keep reading...

HOW to join

Contact us at and we will reach out to you soon with the next steps.

BEFORE applying

Download the next documents for more information on EucA's procedure for Membership applications and our legal Statute.

Modern buildings

Contact us today and join a growing international community in Higher Education!


2 Halls of Residence

1000 EUR

3 or More Halls of Residence

1500 EUR

1 Hall of Residence

Institutions/Universities without Halls of Residence

500 EUR

500 EUR

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  • Are there any requirements or expectations for members?
    All EucA members are highly encouraged to promote the purposes and activities of the association in their university colleges, residences, campus, etc. In order to vote on internal matters, members must attend the Annual Ordinary Meeting of EucA's General Assembly, which is held online.
  • Are there any size requirements for the College/Residence to qualify as a candidate?
    No. There are no requirements regarding size or number of students. However, if you are unsure about your institution's viability as a candidate, we invite you to write an email to
  • How can I learn more about becoming a member?
    You can find more information on the procedure in the "Before Applying" section. Please, contact us at for any additional questions you may have.
  • Is my membership renewable?
    Once the application is confirmed in the yearly General Assembly, the memberships are automatically renewable. Payments are requested once a year.
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