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Action 4 Europe of Solidarity

Co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Pro

Can solidarity and dialogue open the gates of the European Union and be an example of

civilization and democracy 

for the rest of the world?

ACTION 4 EUROPE OF SOLIDARITY (A4EUS) is a project born to improve the immigration narrative and combat xenophobia in Europe, through the discovery of the continent’s diversity and the beginning of an inter-cultural dialogue of the aspects in common.

To reach the goal the project starts from the European solidarity attitude that led the European Union to be the beacon of civilization and democracy in the world.

During 14 events in Italy, Malta, FYROM, Serbia, Greece, Kosovo, and Belgium, the project will analyse and turn the spotlight on the European Union Immigration Policies and the public attitude on this issue from the countries that show major internal problems in the management of immigration flows. 

16 partners, mainly active citizenship movements, will stimulate the debate and democratic participation to develop a positive sentiment toward immigration, and to learn and understand the programs and initiatives of the European Union through a “people to people” approach.

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On April 23 EucA hosted a hybrid event“Immigration: A Different Approach from Youth Solidarity - A Concrete Experience by European Halls of Residence” as a part of a series of 14 international events. 


EucA University Colleges’ students shared their volunteering experiences, opening a discussion on the importance of solidarity for young people. In particular, the importance of the foundation of mutual understanding for an inter-cultural dialogue. 

Do you want to know more about the project? Check the official website by clicking here.

Watch the video to discover the EucA students' testimonials as volunteers locally and internationally.

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