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19th ILA Conference in Brussels

We are very excited to announce that the 19th Annual Global Conference “ Leadership in Turbulent Times” of the International Leadership Association will take place in Brussels on October 10-15 2017.

EucA will be partner of ILA and you can be part of this great event and from a very special perspective!

You can attend the whole event as Student Assistant for only 50 $ and 8 hours (about 1,5 hours per conference day) of availability to help out with the management of the conference. (Instead of 375 or 495 $ as regular student) .

Tasks as Student Assistant may include:

Set up – stuffing and preparing conference packets and totes

Check-in desk – welcoming participants and handing out materials

Hall/room monitors – assisting speakers and attendees in presentation rooms

Keynote session assistance – greet attendees and set out materials

Special events – checking in attendees, providing support

Being a conference helper is a unique experiential learning opportunity to meet leadership scholars, coaches, educators, executives, consultants, program directors, andthought-leaders from around the world in a global forum about leadership.

It is also a chance to see how a large-scale event works from inside and to meet many other Student Assistants!

More details here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B07aJvE-LPtWWGZzeTczT1haWWM

You can also write to info@euca.eu should you have doubts or questions.

Among the confirmed speakers there are:

Herman Van Rompuy ,

former President of the European Council and Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Belgium.

General David Petraeus ,

former Director of CIA and Military Commander in Iraq.

Jeroen van der Veer,

former CEO of the petroleum corporation Royal Dutch Shell.

Margaret Heffernan,

international businesswoman and author.

The opportunities of learning more about present times and network with the other attendees are countless. Be sure you do not miss this chance!

How to be a Student Assistant:

To register use this form: http://ila-net.org/Conferences/2017/studentstaff/

More about ILA :

ILA aims at promoting a deeper understanding of leadership knowledge and practices for the greater good of individuals and communities worldwide. They accomplish this by creating synergies among public and private sector leaders, scholars, educators, coaches, consultants, and students from many disciplines and many nations.