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Conference Leadership in Turbulent Times

The International Leadership Association is organising in Brussels its international conference “Leadership in Turbulent Times”. It will take place on October 12-15 2017

It will be a great chance to explore the notion of “turbulence”, i.e. the idea that a “stable” situation in society will not be reached anymore. This particular state requires our current leadership processes to adapt, in order to offer effective leading in communities and organizations.

During the conference, Leadership and Turbulence will be analysed from several points of view (education, business, politics, arts, security) in various workshops and plenary sessions. The full programme is available here.

Among the keynote speakers:

Herman Van Rompuy ,

former President of the European Council and Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Belgium.

General David Petraeus ,

former Director of CIA and Military Commander in Iraq.

Jeroen van der Veer,

former CEO of the petroleum corporation Royal Dutch Shell.

Margaret Heffernan,

international businesswoman and author.

EucA is honoured to support the organisation of this conference by gathering volunteers among students offering them a very special perspective to leave this big international conference.