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Employability Via a Personalised Learning Path

EucA is a partner of elene4work, a three-year EU funded project. The project consortium – led by Fondazione Politecnico di Milano – aims to allow students to autonomously identify their own gaps regarding soft skills and – on the other hand – to define their potential in terms of digital soft skills.

After a research period on what are soft skills, and what are the ones most needed from the job market, the partnership has designed a self-evaluation tool that students can use to identify their skills gaps; an orientation guide to help them find the best ways to bridge this gap, especially through MOOCs already available online; a personal journal for students to monitor their learning progresses.

The project is now entering in a new phase, the fieldwork. The network is looking for students interested in enhancing their own employability (which is the first step towards employment) and their soft skills.

The experience we are proposing is very rewarding as it is aimed at self-development and at an enhancement of personal employability. Furthermore, all the tools are available online and the learning process follows the pace of the student.

During the experimentation, students will be asked to fill in their self-assessment tool  (a questionnaire) that will allow them to self-assess their soft skills, and discover their best and weaker ones.

On the basis of the results of the questionnaire, students will have the chance to browse the Orientation Guide , a repository of MOOCs and open access sources. The contents are searchable by soft skill.

At this point, students will chose one or more MOOCs on the basis of the skill(s) they would like to develop, and will monitor their progresses through the Personal Journal

Once the training is completed, students will be asked to re-assess their skills using the self-assessment tool, in order to measure their learning.

During this process, students will be followed by a tutor, who will offer help and support.

An estimate of time commitment cannot be provided as it depends on how many MOOCs the student decides to take and on how many hours are in the MOOC they chose will take (some  MOOCs take 10 hours, some less, some can arrive to more than 30).

All the information are available in the call you can download below.

Places available are limited. Therefore, interested students will have to send their CV to e.turci@euca.eu by November 20, 2016. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for a Skype call to discuss the details of the project.