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An European Perspective to Student Affairs: EucA at the NASPA Annual

With over 600 sessions of professional development, almost 7,000 attendees and representatives from all the Regions of the world, the NASPA Annual Conference is the largest annual gathering of Students Affairs practitioners. On 11-15 March 2017 the President Gian Luca Giovannucci and Mirela Mazalu participated in the 2017 edition in San Antonio, Texas.

For EucA it was the opportunity to capture best practices for its Halls of Residence and establish partnerships with student affairs colleagues outside Europe.

During the International Symposium for international delegates, EucA presented how the education programs of its Halls of Residence can improve the Erasmus experience, as researched in the E-QUA project - Erasmus Quality Hosting Framework. The project’s objective is to improve the quality of the students‘ mobility through the definition, validation and transfer of quality mobility’s criteria related in particular to the hosting and the learning programs for the Erasmus students.

The NASPA conference was also the occasion for the official launch of the book ‘Supporting Students Globally in Higher Education’ published by NASPA. In this book, Higher Education leaders around the world explore how the profession is developing globally and how support to students is actually delivered, with a particular focus on internationalization. EucA President Gian Luca Giovannucci co-authored the chapter on the Global Dialogueamong practitioners based on EucA’s experience on hosting the 2014 Global Summit on Student Affairs in Rome, Italy.You can find more information on the book and on the possibility to purchasing here).

Some pictures of the event here below.