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Amsterdam Study Visit 2017

40 Students from all over Europe, 5 Companies, 3 days. These are the numbers of the last EucA Study Visit in Amsterdam. An intense experience discovering and analyzing from inside the employability issues touching and feeling the environment of big companies as Microsoft, TomTom and We Transfer, Armada and smaller but very innovative as Smart PR, or Armada Music.

The meaningful vision “Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more” was reflected off from the working atmosphere and the features of the Microsoft offices, where the whole group visited the buildings and met HR Professionals. An exciting Q&A time and informal discussion followed.

For the others visits the students have been divided in two groups according to their interests, in order to focus themselves and take the best from the visit. One of the most engaging learning experience was at TomTom,where the students inside its current projects using and showing the ICT background of the company, the big data that they manage and the latest range of TomTom products.

To build a bridge between the academic world and the job market is one the main aims of the EucA Study Visits. Participation at a Study Visit makes possible to understand of students’ own aspirations, interests, competences, personal characteristics, qualifications and Soft skills needed, and to link them. This is why the Study Visit is only the starting point on the way of the employability for the Students.