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From Study Success to Student Success

From “Study Success to Student Success” - Rome, 24-25 November 2016 - was a great chance to see what Student Affairs professionals in the United States do everyday on their campuses. EucA has organised this event in order to exchange ideas and best practices and provide a concrete chance of professional development for the EucA directors.

After a keynote speech made by the president of NASPA, Kevin Kruger on the challenges of the student affairs profession, Mirela Mazalu, EucA Public Affairs,  explained the European Union priorities for higher education, while Gian Luca Giovannucci, EucA President, presented the work done until now by EucA to support the Student Affairs professional development.

In the subsequent session, Costantino Colombo, former Dean of Student at MIT presented the models for student retention. The session was closed by workshops on how to increase the number of retained students.

On the next day, Eleanor Daugherty, Dean of Students at the University of Connecticut, gave an inspirational speech sharing her expertise in building residential communities. She clarified how assessment is pivotal to show what are the results of the Student Affairs professionals work.

EucA would like to thank all the people who make the event possible, in particular Kevin Kruger, Costantino Colombo, Eleanor Daugherty and all the attendees.