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EucA Study Visit in Dublin

On October 13th 2016, 44 of our students, from 4 countries, have visited the Google EMEA Headquarters. They participated in a formative event with Accenture, and exchanged ideas about employment and employability with Filippo Principi, the winner of Adecco Italia CEOx1Month competition.

During the visit at Google, students had the chance to visit the offices, seeing the working and relaxing spaces. After the tour, the Google staff spent some time with students telling them about Google products and recruitment strategies.

Accenture, instead, offered a ‘working’ challenge. Students were given a business case to solve. Then, the solution had to be presented to the rest of the group.

Filippo Principi, CEOx1Month Italia, gave a presentation on his own experience after graduation. While most student focus on employment - i.e. they look for a job - it is more strategic to work on raising employability, the precondition for employment.

The Study Visit are a serie, the next one will be in Spring 2017. Stay tuned for more information should you wish to participate.