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Summer School

The Cambridge Summer School is a two week seminar series for university students from across Europe for the exploration of topics of interest in the future development of the European Union and its foreign policy, including analysis of the political challenges of the Union, the evolution of the European legal system, the future of the euro and the European economic governance.

Faculty and professionals who have included specialists in political theory, European affairs and history, law, moral philosophy, Islamic affairs, and economics give three seminars per day, one hour and a half each. Students and the faculty are housed at Newnham College in Cambridge, where the seminars are given and meals are taken in common. In addition to the seminars, other academic, cultural and social activities are organized: classical music concerts, debates on transversal topics discussed in the seminars; a ‘European night’ with presentations on participants’ colleges, traditions, customs, dishes of their home Country, as well as a week-end trip to London.

The first three editions of the Summer School: