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Quality Learning Mobility

EUCA’s proposal builds on the Erasmus program’s aim to form highly qualified and internationally experienced young people through learning mobility, by creating a pathway to excellence in the European Higher Education Area for talented students. Its aim is to guide students towards partnerships between Universities and residential colleges within a high quality learning environment that encourages the development of a dynamic mix of academic skills and soft skills provided by the non-formal educational opportunities in university colleges.

With these kinds of partnership, Erasmus students will not only be best placed to excel in their academic studies, through the tutoring and coaching services of the residential halls, but also to experience deeper first-hand knowledge of the local culture and traditions by living with other students of the host country. Another aspect covered will be language learning: through daily exchanges that the hosting structures offer to their residents, Erasmus students in collegiate halls will be naturally motivated to learn and practice the local language, thus promoting multilingualism. Another distinctive feature of the residential facilities is to have an educational project based on non-formal learning to encourage the development of soft skills, and allow students to maximise their talents, and take advantage of their Erasmus learning experience in the host country.

The project is intended to begin with the university colleges or halls of residence in the EUCA network, presently in 10 European countries, and define the educational project of the partnerships between hosting Universities and residential facilities for Erasmus students. Afterwards the aim will be to gradually expand this model to all hosting facilities that wish to join the initiative.