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The university halls of residence are an international environment for the language learning: through the daily exchanges that the hosting institutions offer to their residents often comings from different countries, they will be naturally motivated to learn and practice languages, thus promoting multilingualism.

For this reason, invited by the European Commission, EUCA entered the new Business Platform for Multilingualism  in September 2009. The Platform was launched by the DG for Education and Culture with the aim of consulting representatives of the educational and business sectors on matters related to the ways of developing multilingualism, as means to improving the competitiveness of EU companies and the knowledge and experience of human resources. This Platform is the first concrete product of the strategy “Multilingualism: an asset for Europe and a shared commitment”, launched by the EU on September 2008. The purpose of the Platform – that is independent from the Commission – is to exchange ideas and suggestions in order to offer advice to the European Commission on how multilingualism should be improved in the coming years.

EUCA is also partner of the project CELAN - the Network for the promotion of language strategies for competitiveness and employability – that aims to acknowledge the linguistic needs of companies and employees and to assess to what extent these needs are satisfied by current language provisions across different sectors and Member States (www.celan-platform.eu). EUCA’s role in the project is of a "multiplier", i. e. organisation with established networks that will support the project. Thus, through EUCA’s network of colleges the potential outreach of the project will go far beyond the partnership.