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EucA is a partner of elene4work, a three-year EU funded project under KA2 of Erasmus +.

The project consortium – led by Fondazione Politecnico di Milano – aims to understand if it is possible to learn soft skills via MOOCs. To this end, several tools to make students autonomous in their own learning have been set up.

First of all, the partnership identified which are the most relevant soft skills for the job market, thanks to a comparative analysis, further enhanced by focus groups with young workers, students and professionals. This output is also a comprehensive review of current literature on employability skills and surveys by government, non-profit, and industry-affiliated organizations from Europe and third countries.

Once the the partnership has identified the relevant  soft skills, it:

All these tools are digital and are available at http://elene4work.eu/

These outputs are currently being tested by several groups of students followed individually by a tutor. The final report will be available in September/October 2017.