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Educational Project

Halls of residence offer additional education which aims to complement the academic courses offered by universities, thus enabling students to fully develop their potential: guidance services, tutoring, cultural and sports activities, university courses recognized and accredited by universities, or meetings with personalities from the professional, political and cultural fields.

Each university college therefore becomes a "facilitator" for the improvement of soft skills, interpersonal and transversal skills that can be perfected through coaching, allowing each student to have the fundamental skills to integrate effectively in the professional world, to face the complexity of reality and ever-changing international contexts. Not least, the variety of people encountered in such a shared home-away-from-home has long been acknowledged as a good socializing preparation for professional and public life.

The main objective of university colleges is to enable its residents to develop their talents: their academic merit is rewarded through scholarships and economic incentives that facilitate students' access and stay in the university colleges, giving thus more responsability to the students and encouraging mutual solidarity.