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Charter of Principles

University Colleges have deep roots in Europe. While their individual histories are very different, they have a common objective, to contribute to the integral development of University students, offering them all the tools and opportunities to develop their talents to the fullest. Their creation dates back to a medieval tradition from the beginning of the 13th century. At that time the first University Colleges were born in Bologna, Paris, Oxford and Cambridge, thus belonging to the history of the European Universities since their beginning.

The University Colleges are halls of residence for students which maintain a close relationship with the academic world. They offer a high quality accommodation services, but most important, they represent an added value to students' education in terms of personal formation, tutoring and career guidance and opportunities offered to them. They often have an educational project, run in cooperation with academic staff and which is usually highly personalised and imply a strong commitment from students to participate actively in the soft skills formation the College provides. 

Thus, the University Colleges are highly interdisciplinary and multicultural spaces for university formation where students can grow and learn to carry out their responsibilities in life. They are a kind of “community of knowledge” where students from different backgrounds and academic fields live and study together.

(Abstract from EUCA Charter of Principles).

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