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Charter of Principles

The university colleges have strong roots in Europe. While their individual histories are different, they have a common objective. Their creation dates back to a medieval tradition from the beginning of the twelfth century. At that point the first university colleges were born, so they belong to the history of the European university since the beginning and also partially to that of modern western culture.

The university colleges are university centres which maintain a close relationship with the academic world. They not only offer high quality services, but also represent an added value to the students in terms of personal formation, tutoring and vocational guidance opportunities offered to them. They often have an educational project, run in cooperation with university teaching staff and which is usually highly personalised. All this is helped by private and common spaces, training and leisure facilities, which encourage social interaction, team work and sense of responsibility among the students, elements which are of great use for later social and working life.

Thus, the university colleges are highly privileged interdisciplinary and multicultural spaces for university formation where students can grow and learn to carry out their responsibilities in life. They are a kind of “community of knowledge”.

(Abstract from EUCA Charter of Principles).

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