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EUCA is engaged in promoting the collegiate model in cooperation with the European Union and in developing scientific studies and research projects to enhance and disseminate the main features of the colleges’ educational project: non-formal education, soft skills, quality international mobility, and language skills.

The primary objective of the member halls of EUCA is to enhance the internationalization of the university system as stated in the Bologna Agreement and to build a common European higher learning space.

EUCA is part of the "Business Platform for Multilingualism" promoted by the European Commission and it is a founding member of IASAS (International Association of Students Affairs and Services).

IASAS is an advocate for higher education students and their learning and development. Through its programs and services, IASAS is also an advocate for enhancement of the student affairs profession and student service professionals worldwide. IASAS is currently an informal confederation of higher education student affairs/services professionals from around the world. Go to IASAS website: www.iasasonline.org ).